Firm Overview

Commitment. Honesty. Results.

Approach and Values: My Goal is to Even the Score

I’ve always believed in uncompromised justice. Wrongful convictions have always had a profound affect on me. The government uses all its weight to push down on people and I want to even the score by standing up (and representing) what’s right.

Robin Yanes became a lawyer to make a significant difference aimed directly at the core – the legal system. This lifelong conviction is reflected in his commitment to excellence, his adamant dedication to the interests of his clients, and his consistent delivery of expert legal services that result in positive outcomes.

Making Sure you are Informed Every Step of the way

Honesty on both parts is the key to a successful resolution. No one knows the case better than the client, so listening to them and understanding them is what’s key. We understand that it’s the client whose life is ultimately affected, not ours, so they have the right to make all the final decisions based on our professional recommendations.  We make sure our clients are well represented and informed of all significant developments relating to their case. This philosophy has proven to be a winning combination.

Over 30 Years of Experience

In private practice for over 30 years, Robin Yanes offers clients the assurance of the highest level of legal expertise and experience. We go all out – beyond the expected – to make sure the client is covered from every angle.

Your battle is our war, and we don’t take defeat lightly.

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